The central courtyard is finished in traditional Moroccan handmade materials that are listed here should it be of interest.

The plunge pool and mosaic wall decoration is made of Zellige : mosaic tilework made from individually hand-chiseled tile pieces set into a plaster base, usually decorates bottom of walls and fountains

The tiles on the floor of the courtyard are made of Bejmat : natural clay tile, hand-chiseled, dried and kiln fired before an enamel glaze is applied by hand.

The lower part of the walls are made of Tadelakt : an ancient plaster shiny finish with roots in Morocco, where the combination of lime soap plaster and an application technique has been used for centuries.

The doors and frames of the 2 bedrooms are hand painted with a technique called Zouak : Moroccan technique of wood painting has been passed on from one generation to the next for centuries

The patio is cool and breezy throughout the summer months, guests can unwind on oriental couches, indulge in drinks or a light lunch and revitalise in the fresh waters of the plunge pool.